Cole Hons’ Happy Client Testimonials

Cole Hons Testimonials

“Working with Cole Hons is a lot like going to a really awesome dinner party!”

That’s what most of the people who work with Cole actually think, deep down inside. Because Cole likes to make work DELICIOUSLY FUN whenever possible. 

Of course, people don’t always share their innermost thoughts. So, down below are a bunch of official testimonials that people who have worked with Cole feel comfortable putting in print. 

“Bon Appetite!”

Real Quotes From Real People

“I worked with Cole on a large-scale community event that necessitated focus, creativity, networking, coordination and persistence. The event came off without a hitch due to Cole’s leadership and vision. He successfully presents ideas, gathers input and executes at every level. If you are looking for someone with immense talent and integrity then Cole’s your man.”

– Georgia Abbey, Executive Director | Leadership Centre County

“I enjoyed working with Cole on many projects, he brings a fresh perspective to any assignment, applies his expert experience in writing and video production, questions existing assumptions and brings his vast experience of caring for the betterment of the world to the table.”

– Herbert Reinninger, Creative Director | Penn State Outreach & Online Education

“Whenever I need fresh creative new ways of getting out my message I give Cole a call. You should too!!!!!!”

– Jeffry Stachowski, Corporate Training Director | South Hills School of Business & Technology

“As a director of communications at the Center for Sustainability, Cole Hons brought a realization of the importance of communications strategies to our entire staff. In this enterprise, where it is essential to get our message across in a compelling manner, we needed someone with Cole’s professional experience, deep understanding of our mission, organizational skills, and ability to negotiate relationships at all levels of the University. He has helped all of us to be more innovative in our approach to our work, and helped the Center prepare for a much more visible role in the University.”

– Sue Barsom, Associate Director | Penn State Sustainability Institute

“Cole is a master writer. He puts forth a solid story that is interesting, energizing and spiritually fulfilling. Cole has good copy-editing skills and produces high quality work. Highly recommended!”

– Max Fomitchev-Zamilov, President | Quantum Potential Corporation

“Cole’s love of a good challenge is contagious. Always the consummate professional, he exceeded my expectations on every project we undertook. Because of his talent and leadership, he had an amazing impact on the reputation of Penn State Outreach, telling its story in ways that enhanced its visibility on a national level.”

– Amy Neil, Vice President, Communications and Strategic Positioning | Carlow University

“Cole has been a friend and supporter of New Leaf since very early in our existence. He is a visionary that deeply understands the human capacity within our communities to make the world a better place, and seeks to release it through his work. Directly, Cole has been present with New Leaf through many successes and challenges; joining us as a co-working member in our first pilot space and mentoring young students in video work.” 

– Eric Sauder, Co-Founder | New Leaf Initiative

“We couldn’t have been more overjoyed with our children’s experiences in Cole’s course on Critical Thinking & Debate. All of our kids adored the experience and one of them, Jules, took enough initiative to start a debate club at school. During this time, real debates started happening around our dinner table with fantastic results Talk about bringing out the best in my kids! Thank you Cole!”

– Ali Carr-Chellman, Head | Penn State Learning & Performance Systems