Professional Services Cole Hons Offers


Since 2001, Cole has been steadily adding new skills to his repertoire. He can handle a wide variety of communication-related challenges – from strategic planning right through integrated campaign deployment.

Cole has helped dozens of happy clients achieve their goals – from individuals & entrepreneurial start-ups to massive, well-established organizations. Each had specific needs, requiring different combinations of skills & tools.

The question is: “What are YOU trying to do?” Once Cole has a clear answer to that question, he can suggest the right combination of services to help you do it.

Consider the list below as a menu of options to choose from. The important thing is for you to walk away completely satisfied.

External Communication Services

• Writing & Media: copywriting & editing; blogging; grant writing; web & social media; audio & video production; television & radio production

• Public Relations: press releases & e-news blasts; magazine & newsletter writing; media alerts; press conference management

• Event Production: conferences & workshops; fund-raisers; contests; face-to-face & virtual team meetings; Google hangouts

Internal Communication Services

• Marketing Strategy: vision, mission & biz plan development; marketing work plans; inbound marketing & SEO; integrated branding

• Market Research: SWOT & competition analysis; focus group facilitation and documentation, A/B testing

• Project Management: team-building & leadership coaching; timeline planning; workflow & process design; conflict resolution

Educational Workshops & Courses

• Corporate Training: Creative Explosion Lab (team-building & re-energizing); Creative Copywriting; Strengths Finder Testing; The Triple Bottom Line as a Target (transition to sustainability)

• Online Course Creation: writing, directing & producing audio & video content to augment online classes & programs

• Youth Programs: Game Design; Critical Thinking & Debate; Peace 101; Methods of Meditation; Leadership for the Collaboration Age


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