Portfolio of Marketing + Communications Work

Branding + Strategy Portfolio

Penn State World Campus - Cole Hons portfolioRecruitment Campaigns

Cole has led highly successful branding, re-branding, and recruitment campaigns for educational clients that include Penn State’s award-winning online education hub, the World Campus (30% enrollment increase), South Hills School of Business and Technology (30% enrollment increase), The Willow School (doubled number of full scholarships for students in need) and the Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences (25% jump in student applications). 

Bonfatto's Logo - Cole Hons portfolio

Identity Updates

In 2010, Cole teamed up with local ad design firm Loaded Creative to re-work and update the image and online presence of beloved Bellefonte-based restaurant Bonfatto’s. As part of the campaign, the team produced a light-hearted local television commercial that enjoyed heavy rotation.

Strategic Plans Sustainability Institute - Cole Hons portfolio

From 2011-13, Cole helped develop Penn State’s first strategic plan for sustainability, using social media to gather input from a wide range of stake-holders—a process never tried before at PSU.

Cole’s contributions to the new Sustainability Institute include an expanded scope that is grounded in the pursuit of human health & happiness, in addition to environmental concern.

GREENMOORE LOGO - Cole Hons portfolioNew Ventures

In 2014, Cole helped craft the identity and marketing materials for this planned sustainable community in Port Matilda, PA. Greenmoore Village is conceived as a walkable residential community built around an existing organic farm—Greenmoore Gardens. The new concept, beginning to take off across the country, has been dubbed “Development-Supported Agriculture.”

Content + Events Portfolio

Writing Land Use story - Cole Hons portfolio

Since 2001, Cole has published hundreds of written pieces—from press releases and music reviews to regular newspaper columns and magazine stories. He’s also edited a art instruction book and ghost wrote a chapter for a text book on green building. This 2019 story about an innovative new Data Analysis Working Group at Penn State’s Microbiome Center is a recent sample.

What is the Huck? video


Cole has produced dozens of videos for online delivery and television. From short ads to narrative pieces to online course content, Cole brings creative visions to life on the screen. His short piece Forgiving won an online Heartmath video contest and was later incorporated into the Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine’s innovative Leap Project to help prevent teen suicide.

Contests Sustainable State Contest - Cole Hons portfolio

Cole first designed a contest for Penn State World Campus students, yielding a goldmine of great stories to feed a very successful recruitment campaign. He later had a blast launching a very different (but equally successful) student-centric video contest to promote sustainability engagement through social media at Penn State.

Fund Raising For the Next 7 Generations - Cole Hons portfolio

Cole has helped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for causes he believes in — including the documentary For the Next 7 Generations, about the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, and the “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream” symposium, created by The Pachamama Alliance. While at Penn State, Cole created the materials used to secure a solar carport and Chevy Volt from GM, and to raise half a million dollars from BNY Mellon to launch a pilot of a service-learning program called the National Energy Leadership Corps.

Teaching + Mentoring Portfolio

Youth Programs

A long-time proponent of alternative education, Cole has created the following specials courses for middle-school students at the Centre Learning Community Charter School in State College, PA: Terra 2112, Game Design, Video Production, Critical Thinking & Debate, Methods of Meditation, and Peace 101

Cole has also taught classes for adults, with topics ranging from creative brainstorming to copywriting to meditation. 

Educational EventsAwakening the Dreamer - Cole Hons Portfolio

Since his college days organizing write-a-thons for Amnesty International, Cole has been bringing people together to learn and get active around important topics. Whether he’s organizing a Playing for Change concert for peace, a green careers networking event for students, a local film screening to spread important knowledge ignored by the mainstream, or a live, multimedia symposium to spark global social change, Cole loves to help make big things happen.

Social ENtrepreneurship - Cole Hons PortfolioSocial Entrepreneurship

As activism for positive change evolves into new and exciting forms in the 21st Century, Cole keeps his heart and head in the game.The future lies in collaboration, and Cole always seeks partnerships that create “win-win-wins” for everyone involved. He has volunteered, mentored and lent support to up-and-coming ventures like State College, PA – based New Leaf Initiative and  co.space“VIVA LOS CHANGE-MAKERS!”