“Ready for Success? Start with Good Communication!”

Hi.  I’m Cole Hons – a veteran communications pro from State College, PA. Do you know what I’ve noticed?

Experience has taught me that the success or failure of almost any endeavor comes down to the effectiveness of the communication involved. If it’s good, progress is achievable, and hard work pays off handsomely. But if it’s bad…watch out!

So many people in business (and life) never take the time to think about what it takes to achieve good communication. They’re like fish, unconscious of the very water they swim around in 24/7. Immersed in a sea of communications, it’s tough to maintain perspective. To keep mine, I use…

Cole Hons’ 3 Rules for Good Communication

1. Good Communication runs BOTH WAYS (it involves talking AND listening)

2. Good Communication expresses TRUTH (it’s based on somebody’s REALITY)

3. Good Communication results in MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING (it continues until the relevant details are CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD BY ALL involved)

That’s about it, really. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?


Unfortunately, communication usually gets incredibly complicated as soon as living, breathing people enter the picture. As a result, it requires real effort to follow these 3 simple rules. If we don’t pay close attention, it’s ALL TOO EASY to slip into bad communication.

Bad communication is not fun. It’s the kind of thing that can ruin a relationship, career, business…even a lifelong dream! Good communication, on the other hand, is an absolute MUST for long-term, sustainable success in ANY field.

 Here’s the Good News – Good Communication Can Be Learned!

cheering people

With time and earnest effort, bad communication can be improved, and eventually even transformed into good communication.

But it won’t happen all by itself. It requires real investment.

That’s where I come in.

Using my 3 Rules, I can help you:

• Become a better communicator who can lead successful teams in any field

• Craft an authentic and inspiring vision to define your unique brand

• Build a rock-solid strategic marketing work plan to penetrate the marketplace

• Craft targeted messages that attract customers, employees & journalists  

• Create compelling media products that tell your story

• Leverage the ever-evolving world of social media to build your following

• Plan and execute buzz-generating events that connect your community



And if you’re a writer in need of an editor, or a leader in the middle of a creative slump, re-organization or jarring culture change, I can help with that, too.

(Editorial guidance and engaging, energetic, breakthrough workshops and classes are my specialties!)

While you’re here…

Learn more about how I can help you apply Good Communication to achieve your goals by checking out my work bio, services and portfolio pages. You can also hear from some of my happy clients. But if you’re ready to jump in right now, by all means drop me a line and…

Let’s Start Communicating!

Thanks for visiting, and “Keep It Good” out there! 😉

Cole Hons